Cable Knitting


Tuesday Oct 18th 7-9pm ET

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In this class we will complete a comprehensive introduction to knitting cables. Cables are one of knitting's best kept secrets- they are actually quite simple once you know how they are done!
In this single session class we will knit several swatches from both written patterns, and from charts. Some designers use only one method of instruction in their patterns, so knowing both can be very helpful.
After completing the swatches in class we will begin working on a pair of finger-less mittens that feature cables on the back of the hands.

Learning Outcomes: after taking this class you will confidently be able to work cables in knitting patterns, from both written and charted instructions

Required Skills: You should be comfortable with both the knit and purl stitch

Required Materials: 100g of chunky/bulky weight yarn, 6.5mm needles, stitch markers, cable needle. These materials are *NOT* included with the price of the class and must be purchased separately before the class starts. I am happy to give guidance on materials.


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