Online Classes

All of my classes are live and offered online through Zoom. The calendar below will show you when the classes are running, each of the active classes are listed below. Some have checkout options on the site, and others will take you to the host yarn shop’s site for more information and to register.  

Work one on one in a

Private Session


In a private session we can work on anything you’d like, such as a particular skill, pattern help or trouble shooting errors in your knitting.

One of the most common things I help people with is pattern reading. What the heck do they mean when they say “in pattern” or “repeat until the last stitch”? Does that include the last stitch?

I endeavour to help you decode patterns, and demystify the process of translating pattern speak to real coherent instructions.

Is there a certain skill you just can’t wait to learn? Sometimes there will be a bit of a wait period before a skill class runs again, if you are eager to learn it, this is agreat way to get it sooner!

Or maybe a pattern you really want to knit calls for a skill you haven’t tried yet. This is the perfect place to explore those skills.

Classes not on the Schedule

These are the classes that are not currently on the schedule. To be notified when they are live, click through on the class picture.